February-2018 (Current Topics for Prelims-2018)

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1. Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action
2. Corruption perception index 2017
3. Tanzania withdraws from UN refugee programme
4. Global IP index
5. India gets access to strategic Oman port Duqm
6. India and the clubs that control war tech exports
7. India joins Ashgabat Agreement
8. Wakhan Corridor: unknown to the world

9. End of a Century-Old Wrangle
10. Lok Adalats
11. The Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education (Second Amendment) Bill, 2017
12. Tamil Nadu’s share in Cauvery water
13. SC stays new Tribunal Rules
14. All About Fast Track Courts
15. Govt. ignoring plight of children, says SC
16. The importance of in-house mechanisms
17. New Consumer Protection Bill
18. Juvenile Justice Boards

19. Blue Coloured BAAL AADHAAR
21. Chardham Mahamarg Vikas Pariyojna
22. National Urban Housing Fund
23. Wealth from waste
24. Grid stability is key
25. Electric Vehicles in India
26. National Health Protection Scheme
27. Flexible-fuel vehicle
28. India Health Fund
29. A new tunnel at Sela pass in Arunachal Pradesh
30. Centre to consolidate small savings laws
31. Healthy States, Progressive India Report
32. Ujjwala Yojana
33. What is Operation Greens?
34. Digital Gender Atlas
35. What is E-way Bill?
36. Deciphering LTCG tax on equity
37. KUSUM scheme
38. What is ‘Dutch sandwich’ in economics?
39. What is ‘Modicare’ and how will it affect you?
40. 4 major rivers in J&K declared 'national waterways'
41. CRISIL, SIDBI Launch India’s First MSE Sentiment Index
42. Govt to change base year for GDP, IIP to 2017-18

43. Lithium Ion Batteries
44. Embryonic stem cells
45. What’s inside the Svalbard Global Seed Vault ?
46. Hetero launches HIV treatment drug in India
47. Water Quality Research Programme
48. Genetic risk of diabetes
49. Speeding universe
50. Free viral load testing for people with HIV
51. Journey to Moon
52. Sharper Eye in the Sky
53. Graphics Processing Units
54. Ramalingaswami Re-entry Fellowship Programme
55. Paper Clip: Hunt for new antibiotics hits pay dirt
56. Acetylene leak
57. National Deworming initiative
58. Strongest solar magnetic field measured on Sun
59. NASA spacecraft captures farthest images away from Earth
60. Understanding the HPV vaccine’s risk
61. Let there be LiFi
62. Rediscovered IMAGE probe was a discovery machine: NASA
63. What is pulse polio?
64. India’s first artificial intelligence centre
65. Indians produce boron nanosheets as thin as graphene

66. All the wild horses are extinct: study
67. Blackbucks conservations
68. The otters of Hampi have a new conservation reserve
69. The Pesticides Management Bill, 2017
70. Asian Waterfowl Census
71. Drive to uproot invasive plant species
72. Cycas circinalis
73. Sundarbans mangroves
74. A natural anti-corrosion agent
75. New plant species from West Bengal
76. Shellfish Reefs
77. Orangutan population under threat
78. Organic farming in A&N islands
79. Great Indian Bustard
80. Protected areas of India till January-2018
81. Ozone layer continues to deplete
82. World’s freshwater bodies choked with phosphorus
83. M.P. agrees to shift six tigers to Odisha
84. Three new eel species found in Bay of Bengal
85. Ratification of the Minamata Convention
86. Trappist planets
87. ‘Foreign’ species invasions rising globally: study
88. Tulsi and ashvagandha to purify Hyderabad lake
89. Pampadum Shola National Park
90. National Adaptation Fund for Climate Change
91. National mission for clean Ganga
92. What is the ‘Red Queen hypothesis’ in biology?
93. World Wetlands Day
94. Goliath grouper
95. India State of Forests 2017 Report

96. Saras completes second test flight successfully
97. Rustom-2 UAV takes to the skies
98. Navy to Host Milan
99. The long march into outer space
100. What is Shravanabelagola?
101. Mastakabhisheka at Shravanabelagola
102. National Productivity Council of India
103. Prithvi-II
104. Mahamastakabhisheka
105. What is false consensus effect in Psychology?
106. Manikarnika, the legendary queen of Jhansi
107. Seven heritage sites to get disabled-friendly facilities
108. Where Varaha saves the Earth
109. First defence industrial corridor between Chennai, Bengaluru
110. INS Chakra