January-2018 (Current Topics for Prelim-2018)

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All important relevant topics covered from standard sources like, TH/PIB/IE/Downtoearth/Economic Times.
National & International Importance
2. ‘Trans-pacific pact could hurt India’
3. India and Vietnam
4. Delhi Declaration
5. India–Myanmar–Thailand Trilateral Highway
6. India admitted to Australia Group
7. Budapest Convention
8. What is Global Entry Programme?
9. Haj subsidy
10. New Delhi International Arbitration Centre
11. Bangladesh lifts ban on hilsa exports
12. What is consular access?
13. VAT introduced for the first time by Saudi Arabia, UAE
14. Iceland and Unequal Pay Based On Gender

1. Office of Profit
2. Should euthanasia be allowed?
3. Dual duty: on the twin responsibilities of States
4. Members of Parliament: Qualifications and Disqualification
5. Public Safety Act in Jammu and Kashmir (J and K)
6. Laws in the Indian Constitution against Animal-Killing
7. The Malimath Committee
8. Joseph Shine v. Union of India
9. Inserting new Section in IPC was discussed

1. Litecoin: Whаt It Iѕ & Hоw It Wоrkѕ
2. NITI Aayog initiates the first course on Sustainable Urban Planning
3. Forced labour highest in India: Report
4. Pulse Polio Programme for 2018
5. Govt. announces 4 new schemes to promote young scientists
6. Centre determined to stabilise population growth
7. Recalculating ease of doing business
9. Inclusive Development Index 2018
10. Unknown facts about Adhaar
11. Left behind: on the right to free, compulsory education
12. Operation Digital Board
13. What is Composition Scheme under GST?
14. Saksham-2018
15. What is Virtual ID, and how is it different from Aadhaar?
16. T.N. children severely malnourished: report
17. Taxable savings bonds
18. Zero Budget Natural Farming
19. The age of crypto-economics
20. How single-origin coffees in India disappeare
21. Food poisoning, a common outbreak in 2017
22. Three cryptocurrencies you need to know about
23. Food Safety and Standards Authority of India
24. Gross Value Added, GDP & Base Effect
25. Jal Mahotsav
26. Jal Marg Vikas Project
27. What is the Ghogha-Dahej ro-ro ferry?
28. What is the term ‘Channel Stuffing’ in Business?
29. What does the term ‘Time correction’ mean in Finance?
30. What is an electoral bond and how do we get one?
31. Online Portal ‘NARI’
32. Ujh Project
33. What is Zojila tunnel in J&K?
34. Photovoltaic road tested in China
35. Electoral Bonds for political donations
36. Ministry of Railway launches SFOORTI Application
37. Government Process Re-engineering (GPR)
38. Schemes for Children Born With Low Birth Weight
39. Pradhan Mantri Surakshit Matritva Abhiyan
40. Under-Five Child Mortality

1. Black Hole Eclipse
2. The many things that Lamin B2 can do
3. Blue Moon
4. Bacteria at war
5. Bone morphogenetic proteins
6. Adverse Events Following Immunisation
7. Blue Moon, Super Moon and Blood Moon
8. Rare ‘super blood blue moon’
9. Mosquitoes can recall hosts’ smells, swats
10. Yttria-Stabilised Zirconia
11. HPV vaccine gets immunisation nod
12. First India-designed vaccine passes WHO test
13. Secrets of longevity protein revealed
14. Seasonal affective disorder
15. Calcium Sensor Protein (STIM1)
16. Meltdown and Spectre explaine
17. Building blocks of life seen in meteorites that fell in 1998
18. National Vector Borne Disease Control Programme
19. A pioneer in biotechnology
20. Why were prime numbers in the news recently?
21. What are Mersenne primes?
22. India unveils Pratyush
23. Expanding the donor pool
24. Unknown microbes identifiied in space
25. What does ‘learned non-use’ mean in the field of medicine?
26. What is tetanus?
27. Vitamin C improves the efficacy of TB drugs

1. Oil moratorium at Belize Barrier Reef
2. The langurs south of Assam’s Aie
3. Red alert on the green index
4. A new type of virus found in our oceans
5. Mysterious ‘hot Jupiter’
6. Environmental Performance Index
7. A turtle recovery plan
8. North-East India (Excluding-Brahmputra) Rivers Profile
9. Don’t judge a snake by its colour
10. CAC adopts Codex norms for three spices
11. A quiz on plants and all things green
12. Researchers unravel floral biodiversity
13. Sustainable farming and Hydroponics
14. A new weapon in the carbon fight
15. Chinese ‘rainbow dinosaur’
16. State prepares ground for nesting of Olive Ridley
17. Elephants are irreplaceable seed dispersers
18. Goa bird festival
19. Sahara Desert
20. Mankidia denied habitat in Simlipal
21. India jumps to fourth place in computing capacity for weather forecasting
22. What is ‘bomb cyclone’ and why is it freezing USA?
23. Barren island
24. What are bosons and how did they get their name?
25. What are asteroids and how are they grouped?
26. Tabby’s star
27. ‘Lucy’ walked upright
28. Albania is losing its national bird to rampant poaching
29. Come July, label mandatory for food certified as ‘organic’
30. Agasthyarkoodam trek
31. Nilambur teak and Geographical Indication (GI) tag
32. WHO okays Bharat Bio typhoid shot
33. Arunachal declared open defecation-free State
34. Humpback whale in Kerala
35. Warming may turn quarter of Earth arid
36. Malabar sanctuary home to new night frog species
37. New species of reptile found in Megamalai Wildlife Sanctuary
38. Three nests of rare vulture species spotted in Cambodia
39. New endemic ants from the Andamans
40. Two new Ginger species found in the northeast

1. Lala Lajpat Rai
2. Scorpene-class submarine Karanj
3. Stone tools offer insights into history of human evolution
4. What is the ‘moving sofa problem’?
5. First Slaughter of Chittorgarh by Allauddin Khilji in 1303
6. Archaeological foundation unearths Chola era temple
7. Who built the Indus Valley civilisation?
8. Tamil Sangam poetry
9. Rogan art in Kutch
10. Vikrant
11. Agni-5 ballistic missile
12. Rashtriya Sanskriti Mahotsav-2018
13. World’s biggest flooded cave found in Mexico
14. Historians oppose Monuments Bill
15. Dharma-Dhamma Traditions
16. ISRO successfully launches 42nd PSLV with Cartosat-2
17. Cartosat-2 satellite launched
18. Akash missile
19. INS Arihant
20. Zuma mission
21. Hwasong-15, North Korea’s latest missile
22. What is SOFIA? NASA’s eye in the sky
23. Bilateral Defence Exercise
24. NASA to launch two missions to explore nearest space
25. The Konyaks
26. T.N.’s role in Quit India movement
27. P-8I long range maritime patrol aircraft
28. In democracy, what is ‘primary goods’?
29. What is the ‘Sarick effect’ in Psychology?
30. NCST Protection of Jarawa Tribes
31. How a British war memorial became a symbol of Dalit pride
32. Defence Acquisition Council
33. Mission to ‘touch’ sun on NASA’s 2018 list
34. UNESCO enters Turkey's endangered 'bird language' in Intangible Cultural Heritage list