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IDIA's Response to Second Wave of COVID-19

As India grapples with the second wave of COVID-19, IDIA CharitableTrust (being a grassroots community-oriented organization) desires to contribute its bit to fight this battle.

Isolation Centers in Rural West Bengal

The centers will be in some of the villages where there is a dearth of basic facilities. Our response will include:
a) Establishing centers that will allow isolation to those with symptoms before hospitalisation.
b) The centers will be rural-focused.
c) The centers will have medicines, food, and other basic facilities.

The first of the many such isolation centers has been set up at the Murokhali village in Sundarbans. It can also accommodate people from the following nearby villages: Choto Geokhali, Boro Geokhali, Chak, Purandar, Krishanagar.

Boat Ambulances in Sundarbans

In Sundarbans, many remote villages are best accessible through the waterways. In order to meet the needs of these remote villages, IDIA will be setting up boat ambulances that can be used in cases of emergency.

The first such ambulance has been set up at Purba Sripatinagar which is in a remote corner of Sunderbans. The boat ambulance has been equipped with medicines, thermometer, pulse oximeter, sanitisers, mineral water, PPE kits for attendants and boatman etc. It will reduce the time needed to reach the nearby hospital by half. IDIA hopes to set up more such ambulances.

Other Initiatives

In addition, IDIA is trying to:
a) Launch Covid sensitisation drives along with distribution of masks, soaps, etc.
b) Establish blood donation camps.
c) Provide information regarding vacant beds in hospitals, doctors' availability, oxygen availability, plasma donors' availability, test centers availability,etc. A database of such resources which is periodically updated has been set up by IDIA.
d) Organising medical tests, including oximeter checks, at centers in rural West Bengal.