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We are delighted to share with you some of our delicious Indian sweet recipes and drinks for everyday enjoyment. These are very simple and instant to create and are sure to nourish not just your body or your taste buds, but your whole being: 'Body-Mind-Soul-Spirit'.

Come and join us as we together explore this world of nature’s gift to the lovers of Indian sweets and cuisine...

Over 50+ Recipes include Raw Vegan Lemonade, Lassi, Ladoos, Peda, Sewai, Kheer, Kulfi, Dalia, Doughnuts, Cakes, Pudding, Fruit Smoothies, Green Smoothies and much more... from Anjali Sanghi & other Indian Chefs, Homemakers & Raw Foodists.

All the recipes are sugar free, salt free, oil, free, gluten free, dairy free, allergen free, made from fully raw vegan ingredients.


Anjali presents a new book called Indian Raw Vegan Sweet Delights. In this book Anjali has created awesome (rather "rawsome") drinks and sweets which I am very sure will help many Indian moms and dads. The delights are attractive, simple, easy and quick to make. What more could one want in this fast world! Congratulations Anjali! You have laid a foundation for a healthy India and the world in your book of sweet delights.

~ Anandi Vaithialingam, Founder: Satchitanand Raw Vegan Resturant, Auroville, Tamil Nadu, INDIA

"Anjali and Manikya Sanghi are pure blessings and living proof of the wonderful benefits of leading a low-fat raw vegan diet. They serve up delicious and healthful recipes in this dynamic book, which translate some Indian favorites into sugar-sweet treats! Feast on Indian smoothies, porridges, cakes and more! Best of all, enjoy how you feel!

~Brian Rossiter, Creator: Fruit-Powered

"They say you are what you eat, this has got to be true as Anjali and Manikya are two of the sweetest heart centred people I've had the pleasure of connecting with. The recipes in their "Indian Raw Vegan Sweet Delights" are simple yet traditional, satiating yet light and very delicious! Indian cuisine is by far one of my favourites, what a treat to be able to enjoy these amazing sweet recipes as a healthy meal rather than a indulgence!"

~ Chris Kendall RHN - The Raw Advantage

Dear Reader, We were very fortunate to have Anjali and Manikya stay with us on two different occasions in 2013-14.
During her stay myself and few visitors went on a raw diet for several days and months. Her sharing is deep, with compassion and love. She is self taught and a living example to have reversed ailments to which modern science has no cure. Her tough journey and challenges have resulted in sharing her path to seekers who are looking for a deep understanding of their inner needs or short term, long term solutions in inner health through food. I pray for her and Manikya’s well-being, prosperity and build a global community on how to live a healthy life through food and nutrition.
The book gives a glimpse of her wisdom and humility.
Love to all readers.

~ Hemant Chabbra, Owner, Hideout Organic Farm and Fruit Forest, Maharashtra, INDIA

Anjali and Manikya Sanghi have perfected the art of creating delectable sweet treats for those who care about their health. These beautiful recipes range from drinks, various Indian cookies, candies, dried fruit treats and cakes, Indian porridge, puddings, and even doughnuts.
Indian Raw Vegan Sweet Delights shows you how to combine fresh, wholesome ingredients to create mouth-watering delights, and so easy to prepare. With its attractive presentation, this book is sure to inspire your culinary spirit.
These joyful pages hold the simple key to help rejuvenate your body and mind with their nutritious, delicious, and natural recipes.

~ Karen Ranzi, Award-Winning Author of Creating Healthy Children and Raw Vegan Recipe Fun for Families

Also includes Special message from:
SRI MAA (Founder: Institute of Spiritual Sciences & www.sidhshakti.tv)

Author: Anjali Sanghi
Author; President and Founder Trustee: Indian Raw Vegan Foundation
(www.anjalisanghi.com ~ www.indianrawveganfoundation.com)

2nd Edition: March 2017