Data Science with Python - Live Course 1

₹ 1,999
Hate programming?
Bored to learn from recorded video content?
Interested to master a computer programming language in a short duration without prior knowledge on any of the programming languages?

Wish to learn the fastest growing and the second most popular programming language Python - the best all in one language?

Here comes to your rescue - Dr. Haleema's Live Courses under Python for Data Science series.

Python for Data Science Series by Dr. Haleema

Live Course 1: Python Programming Basics for Data Science
Course Duration: 5 hours
Additional Revision / Tutorial Session: 1 hour
Course Fee: INR 999/-
Class Timings: Saturday, Monday and Wednesday - 9 PM to 11 pm IST

Topics Covered:
 Jupyter Notebook Installation Guidelines, Data Types and Data Structures in Python.
 Programming Constructs in Python - Decision Making and Looping Statements.
 User-Defined Functions and Lambda Functions in Python.
 Classes and Objects in Python.
 Debugging and OS Module.

The classes will commence from August 22, 2020

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