The Rational Investor: How to Succeed in Stock Market by Thinking Rationally?

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Have you been losing money in the stock market but cannot figure out how to make successful investment decisions that work? Do you feel frustrated that despite all the efforts, you are still going nowhere?

I know how painful it is to lose money despite trying everything you could to invest successfully, but still watching your money being wiped out despite putting all the time, effort and hard work.

I am investing in stocks for the past 15 years, and if there is anything I have learned from my experience it is this. Whether it is life or investing, things can be done successfully only if you think rationally, maintain discipline and remain consistent.

While plethora of books have been written on how to pick multibagger stocks, very little has been discussed about psychology of investing.

The purpose of writing this book is to demonstrate how rational thinking combined with discipline, consistency and patience can give you fantastic results.

Anyone can pick great stocks, but it takes real courage and faith to stay invested even if masses do not agree with you, and that is what makes all the difference between a rational investor and an average one.

What Will You Get in This Book?

In this book, I will teach you step-by-step process on how to think rationally in the market and how you can become a successful investor. Here is what you will get in this book:

Chapter 1: Introduction to Rational Investing: Learn why most investors lose money in stocks, while a handful of them make a fortune

Chapter 2: What is Rational Investing? Basics of rational investing and why you should do your own research instead of depending on advisers?

Chapter 3: Why Rational investing: Understand why rational investing is better than other forms of investing and dig deeper in the psychology of most successful rational investors.

Chapter 4: Characteristics of a Rational Investor: Get into the mind of a rational investor and how they approach the market.

Chapter 5: How to Become a Rational Investor? Step-by-step process on how to think rationally and use this approach to Invest successfully.

Chapter 6: Pick Stocks like a Rational Investor Part 1: Circle of Competence: Learn how to use the concept of circle of competence to find the best stocks for your portfolio.

Chapter 7: Pick Stocks like a Rational Investor Part 2: Qualitative Analysis: Learn to analyse quality of management and find if the management is honest, transparent and capable enough to take the company forward.

Chapter 8: Pick Stocks like a Rational Investor Part 3: Quantitative Analysis: Learn how to analyse financial health of a company by using financial ratios and how to spot financial shenanigans in a company.

Chapter 9: Pick Stocks like a Rational Investor Part 4: Valuation: Learn to determine the right price of a stock and whether it is a good time to buy.

So grab a copy now and start your journey to successful investing!!!


Ankit Shrivastav

SEBI Registered Research Analyst (Reg no INH000006758)