Ironic Reversal - Dysgenic

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Madhur Murli - Guitar, bass
Kaushal LS - Vocals, lyrics
Rahul Kini - Drums

In the near future, genetic experimentation has spiraled completely out of control. Over the years, corporations have slowly influenced government policies across the world to their whims under the guise of optimizing food production. They now directly control the entire food industry with the sole purpose of making profits regardless of the long-term effects of the consumption genetically modified food.

Eventually, the GMO megacorporations forcefully seize power and replace the democratic governments of the world with a centralized & plutocratic corporate republic. As a result, all privately-owned mass media is criminalized, protests of any kind are banned, propaganda is rampant, farmers live in perpetual debt slavery, all organic food is outlawed and radical environmentalists have resorted to terrorism.

The continued research and experimentation on organisms leads to an outbreak of a deadly, genetically "enhanced" bacteria which quickly evolves into a worldwide epidemic as entire populations are wiped out overnight. Due to the abandonment of the previously manned research facilities more mutant microbes and plant strains leak out of the facilities. The sudden influx of several new mutant species throws Earth's natural ecosystems heavily off-balance. In a few weeks, the mutant species start to adapt and morph even more as the planet starts to slowly "terrorform" into a grim version of itself.

With no vaccines available for mutant pathogens now contaminating the air, humanity is forced to retreat underground while the rich corporates build themselves a biohazard-grade habitat in low-earth orbit. In a few hundred years, almost everything on the planet becomes hostile to humans while they themselves mutate and develop biological anomalies over generations as a result of consuming the corporate republic's GMO food. They are eventually forced to treat themselves with enzymes and integrate cybernetics to reduce the "human element." The less human they become, the better their odds of survival.

Humans later resurface in search of a rumoured counteragent and instead discover a Bernal Sphere in low-orbit with the markings of the Corporate Republic. The humans then gather their best minds: a ragtag team of computer engineers, coders, mechanical engineers and scientists. They hunt the surface to put together a mega-computer of sorts with the remains of the early 21st century. After carefully studying blueprints and floor plans found in the old Republic's ruins, they radio clone codes to the Sphere and manage to override their control systems, opening all of the airlocks simultaneously. The entire crew and residents of the Sphere are killed as a result of low-pressure and contamination.

Fast forward several years into the future: As a result of continuous devolution, human consciousness now exists only in cyberware. What we would call... Dysgenic.

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