Billionaire Reading Secrets 2 Day Live Workshop

₹ 14,999₹ 497

Billionaire Reading Secrets 2 Day Live Workshop!!!

No.1 Secret to Any Successful Entrepreneur is READING!

Workshop Dates : 24th to 25th July 2021

In This Workshop , You Will Learn About :

Importance of Reading

Successful people and their Reading

How to develop the Habit of Reading?

Find out your Reading Speed

What kind of books should we Read to grow in personal and professional life?

What are the Barriers of Reading?

How to overcome Bad Reading Habits?

How would the environment affect our Reading?

The difference between Reading a hard bound book and an E book
How to inculcate the Reading interest in children?

How to take out the key concepts from any book

Memorising through visualisation

Secrets of Memory Secrets of Memory

One case study from a book to remember

How to develop control your thoughts while reading?

How to change your style of reading depending on the purpose

Eye exercises for Speed Reading

Strategies for Speed Reading

How to Remember what we Read?

How to put into action what you Learnt?

Mental and Physical Fitness for active Reading

Developing The Habit Of Reading
Lifetime Access To our Premium Private Group : JMAC - Jayasimha Memory Athletes Club
Access To All Class Recordings
Learn & WIN - Complete Daily Activities & Win Exciting Prizes

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