KASHISH QDrishti Film Grant 2020

₹ 1,000

KASHISH QDrishti Film Grant 2020 – Call for Submissions



KASHISH Arts Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to nurturing emerging Indian filmmakers making LGBTQ themed films as well as showcasing international LGBTQ cinema. It is the organizer of KASHISH Mumbai International Queer Film Festival, which celebrated its 10th edition in 2019.

KASHISH Mumbai International Queer Film Festival (India) invites emerging Directors of Indian origin based in India to submit their narrative screenplay focussed on LGBTQIA+ lives for the KASHISH QDrishti Film Grant 2020 that offers Rs.2,00,000 to the filmmaker to make a LGBTQIA+ narrative short film between 10-15 mins. The grant is supported by Lotus Visual Productions, a production company based in UK/India.

Please note this is a Film Production Grant to an Indian film director. This is NOT a script grant. Submit only if you have a ready to shoot screenplay.

Since 2016 KASHISH Mumbai International Queer Film Festival has been offering the KASHISH QDrishti Film Grant of Rs.1,00,000 sponsored by Lotus Visual Productions to an emerging director whose film was in competition, to make another LGBTQIA+ themed short film.

Three films have already been produced under this initiative: Physicality (2017) by V.Ramanathan, Languages (2018) by Debadrita Bose, Catch The Light (2019) by Siddharth Chauhan and the fourth one for 2020 is under production.

This year, KASHISH 2020 is opening a call for narrative screenplays from Indian directors focussed on LGBTQIA+ lives to be made into a narrative short film. Lotus Visual Productions has kindly offered a cash award of Rs.2,00,000 towards production of the same.

From the submissions, 5 screenplays will be shortlisted for a pitching session in front of Jury members during KASHISH 2020 to be held virtually in the last week of September 2020. The winner will be announced after the virtual pitching session.

TO SUBMIT: Please Register at https://www.instamojo.com/KASHISH_MIQFF/kashish-qdrishti-film-grant-2020/ by paying Rs.1000 per submission.
We will then send you Link to an Entry Form to fill out and upload the Synopsis (500 words), the Story (one A4 page), the Screenplay (between 10 to 15 A4 pages) and director’s bio along with links to past works.
You should UPLOAD your story and screenplay in the form itself.

SUBMISSION DEADLINE – SUNDAY, August 9, 2020 at 11:59pm (IST)

Rules & Regulations

1. Please note this is a Film Production Grant to an Indian film director. This is NOT a screenplay grant.
2. ONLY DIRECTORS of Indian origin, above 18 years of age, based in India can apply with a screenplay, either to produce the film on their own, or in collaboration with a production company and who are able to shoot the film in India.
3. ONLY DIRECTORS with a complete screenplay for narrative short about LGBTQIA+ lives can apply. All other proposals submitted will be rejected.
4. Only narrative (fiction) screenplays will be considered, no documentary screenplays for now.

A complete screenplay for 10-15 min short narrative film focussed on LGBTQIA+ lives, with the following to be submitted:
1. A Synopsis of about 500 words
2. A Story of about one A4 page
3. A Screenplay between 10 to 15 A4 pages
4. Director’s bio along with links to past works
Please note that the synopsis, story and complete screenplay – all should be of the same proposed film.

HOW TO SUBMIT (Screenplay Format)
1. Screenplays must be PDFs.
2. Screenplays should be written in standard spec screenplay format, set in 12-point Courier font.
3. Screenplays must be of a LGBTQIA+ theme short film from 10 to 15 pages in length (excluding cover page).
4. Body pages must be numbered.
5. No additional materials, artwork, illustrations etc. should be attached to the form.
6. Screenplays can be in English, Hindi or any other Indian languages. Hindi and other Indian regional language screenplays must have English dialogues below the original language dialogues.
The body text and other information should be in English only.

Please register at https://www.instamojo.com/KASHISH_MIQFF/kashish-qdrishti-film-grant-2020/ by paying Rs.1000 per submission. Within 24 hrs you will receive a link for the Entry Form. Upload the Synopsis (one para), the Story (one A4 page), the complete Screenplay (10 to 15 A4 pages) and Director’s bio along with links to past works, as per the prescribed format mentioned above in ‘How To Submit’. No email attachments will be entertained.

For further clarification you must check the FAQs and Disclaimer sections.

KASHISH QDrishti Film Grant 2020 FAQs

1. When is the deadline?
Submissions should reach us by SUNDAY, AUGUST 9, 2020 at 11:59pm (IST)

2. Who can apply for the grant?
FILM DIRECTORS WHO ARE INDIAN NATIONALS above 18 years of age, based in India; who have a LGBTQIA+ theme screenplay for a narrative (fiction) short film to shoot in India can apply for this grant by filling the entry form and paying the requisite fees.

3. What does LGBTQIA+ mean?
LGBTQIA+ refers to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, asexual and + stands for non-binary, gender non-conforming or other sexualities and gender identities. All screenplays submitted should have a strong focus on LGBTQIA+ lives.
Please note that Queer here stands for an umbrella term for sexual and gender minorities and doesn't mean anything odd, strange or peculiar.

4. How much is the entry fees and why it is required?
Rs. 1000 per submission and can be paid online. It is required to offset the admin charges.

5. Can I submit more than one screenplay?
Yes, by filling out a new entry form and paying a new entry fee for each submitted screenplay.

6. What should be the length of the submitted screenplay?
Screenplays must be of a LGBTQIA+ theme short film from 10 to 15 A4 pages in length.

7. Can I submit an adapted screenplay?
Adaptations of books, plays, or other source material written by another author are accepted ONLY if you have obtained the rights and can provide proof for the same. Clearly mention on the cover page of the Screenplay that is it an adapted work and you have obtained the rights. A screenplay that has been adapted from your own book, play, or other source material is eligible provided that you have retained all film and television rights to the property.
There must be no dispute about the ownership of submitted screenplays or the writer’s right to submit a screenplay.

8. Can I submit a revised version of the screenplay that I have already submitted?
Once submitted, no substituted pages or other revisions to the screenplay will be accepted.
Please ensure to make all the desired revisions before submitting the screenplay.

9. Can I submit a screenplay by me and a co-writer?
Yes, you may. If your screenplay gets shortlisted and called to pitch, only one person can do the pitching and that has to be the Director of the proposed film. Only ONE grant will be awarded to the film and credited to the Director’s account only.

10. Can I have a co-director?
Yes you may. But you have to ensure both the director’s name, bio and work samples are included in your submission. You have to also nominate one director as the primary contact who will be called to make the pitch if your screenplay is shortlisted.

11. When will I be informed if my submission gets selected?
An official email will be sent to you in September 2020. Please make sure to share your valid email id with us.

12. Will I also get an email notification even if my submission doesn’t get selected?
Yes you will receive an email from us even if your submission is not selected. However no feedback will be shared.

13. If the submitted screenplay does not get selected as the winning screenplay, can I use it elsewhere?
Yes, if a submitted screenplay does not get selected, the director is free to take it anywhere else.

14. How does the judging take place?
Five submissions will be shortlisted by a panel of experts and the KASHISH core team members, and will be called for a virtual pitching session in September last week in front of a 5-member jury panel. The jury panel will consist of eminent director, actor, media personality and one member each from KASHISH and Lotus Visual Productions team. One winner will be picked by the Jury Panel based on the strength of the screenplay submitted, the power of storytelling, production feasibility and experience of the filmmaker.

15. What happens after my submission is shortlisted?
The shortlisted Directors will have to attend the virtual pitching session last week of September to make a pitch in front of the jury panel on the scheduled date. No alternated date will be entertained. Exact details will be intimated to the shortlisted submitter.
The pitch will be of 15min and can include slides, videos, etc. Details about preparing for the pitch will be sent to you along with notification about your shortlisting.
One winner will be selected by the jury panel based on the strength of the screenplay submitted, the power of storytelling, production feasibility and experience of the filmmaker.

16. What happens if I am selected as the winner?
The winning director will be announced in the media.
The KASHISH QDrishti Film Grant of Rs.2,00,000 will be disbursed to the winner in 4 instalments after a MOU is signed with the full understanding that the winner will complete the film in the stipulated time and budget.
The final film should be ready for its World Premiere at the next edition of KASHISH to be held in 2021.


  1. KASHISH MIQFF has a no discrimination policy, except for the parameters defined by the rules and regulations of this call for submissions. Every Indian director is welcome to submit their completed screenplays. Every submission will be judged purely on its merit and the director’s previous experience, irrespective of the directors’ sex, gender, or sexual orientation.

  2. There may be hundreds of submissions from all over India. It may be possible that several submissions may display similarities. KASHISH QDrishti Film Grant cannot be held responsible for receiving screenplays which maybe similar to yours. The selection team judges each screenplay in its entirety and only on its merit, alongwith the director’s previous experience.
    Selection team’s decisions are final and no correspondence will be entered into. Sorry, no individual feedbacks will be provided.

  3. KASHISH QDrishti Film Grant recommends registering screenplays with a reputed screenwriters’ associations like Screenwriters Association before submitting.

  4. Entering the contest constitutes permission to use the Finalists and/or Grant winners’ names and likenesses for publicity and promotions with no additional compensation.

  5. KASHISH QDrishti Film Grant does not issue refunds of submission fees under any circumstance including, withdrawal or disqualification of a screenplay for any reason, withdrawal from or failure to attend the pitching session, acts of God, travel-related problems, acts of terrorism, and/or loss of employment.

  6. All entries must be uploaded by the appropriate deadline.

  7. KASHISH QDrishti Film Grant reserves the right to extend the final deadline however an extended deadline is not guaranteed.

  8. Finalists are required to submit a signed declaration as part of the finals judging process.

All Rules & Guidelines are subject to change without notice.