Rainbow Reflections - An Anthology of LGBTQ Narratives in Indian Cinema

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    An Anthology of LGBTQ Narratives in Indian Cinema

    To celebrate the 10th anniversary of KASHISH Mumbai International Queer Film Festival, we have brought out this special magazine that spotlights Indian LGBTQ cinema – a movement that is slowly taking centerstage within the mainstream. Every year about 100 Indian LGBTQ films are being made, which though a small number is significant. But do these films reach the audience? What are the stories they tell? How have the narratives evolved?

    With insightful articles by film historians, film critics, and filmmakers themselves from India and Quebec, this magazine is a treasure trove of rich content.

    The magazine is presented by Bureau du Québec à Mumbai (Quebec Government Office in Mumbai) alongwith KASHISH Arts Foundation.

    This 64 page magazine with illustrations and photographs promises to be not only a gift that will be treasured for years to come, but an important resource for queer cinema history.

    CONTENTS (featuring many star writers!):
    * Message by Minister of International Relations and La Francophonie - Nadine Girault
    * Message from Consul General of Québec in Mumbai - Dominic Marcotte
    * Reading Between The Frames - Khalid Mohamed
    * A Gay Man's Journey Into Bollywood - Apurva Asrani
    * Creating A Conversation Around Trans Characters in Cinema - Baradwaj Rangan
    * Remembering Rituparno Ghosh: the doyen-diva! - Pratim Dasgupta
    * Playing The Gay Son's Mom - Mona Ambegaonkar
    * Being Muslim and Gay - Arshad Khan
    * LBT Narratives in Indian Cinema - Sridhar Rangayan & Saagar Gupta
    * All Things Camp! - Parmesh Shahani
    * A Candid Conversation on Cinema - Onir
    * Fire and the Challenges of Playing Sita - Nandita Das
    * A Decade Of KASHISH - Ashish Sawhny
    * Coming Out Through Cinema - Debadrita Bose
    * Cruising Into Cinema with KASHISH - Rohan Kanawade
    * A Brief Life, An Enduring Legacy - Roy Wadia
    * High On Life - Murali Raman
    * From Québec, With Love - Thomas Waugh
    * KASHISH Overview - Sridhar Rangayan