7-Day Back in Shape - Nutrition Program over whatsapp

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Here is what you will get in these 7 days

Day 0 - Orientation Session

Day 1 – Day of Cleansing
This is a day when your body would be a Waste Burning machine. We will be setting the foundation to rewire the relationship you have with your body and mind.

Day 2 – Readiness Day
This day we would transition your body from detox to normal food. This would also be a day to introduce you to a Mental Diet to rewire your Mental Script for sustainable results.

Day 3 – Power of Hydration
You will understand how to speed up your weight loss and increase your performance through water. How much to drink, what’s the right way to drink and a powerful strategy to build the habit of drinking more water. We will be introducing some home-made metabolic booster drinks to your lifestyle to speed up your results.

Day 4 – Breaking the myth and misconceptions
This is a day to bust out the myths you have been living over years. Right knowledge is the ultimate solution of all problems.

Day 5
Role of Exercise and how to get consistent at it. Let’s get over the days of trying and failing. We will move you from Inaction to inspired Action.

Day 6
It is not just what you eat, but also how you eat that influences your Health.

Day 7
Masterclass to give your Proven Formula to maintain and sustain all these changes and have a Winner Mindset.