KarizmaticU Goldstar Membership

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KarizmaticU Goldstar Membership 🔥FREEDOM SALE🔥

👉Personalized Meal Plans designed to shed fat and get back in shape in 90 days.
👉Meal Plans will be customized based on your lifestyle, food preferences, medical history, body type and fitness goals.
👉Meal Plan will change after every 3 weeks for 90 days.
👉Weekend meal plan every week for 90 days.
👉Daily Food Coaching on Weight Loss Challenge Telegram group for 90 days.
👉Weekly Coaching Calls with coaches to learn more and Q&A for 90 days.
👉Weekly weight loss targets for 90 days.
👉Monthly sessions with Mind Coach to set monthly target and prepare tracker for 90 days.
👉Reinforcement of healthy habits through weekly challenges for 90 days.
👉Phone Consultation with Nutritionist before each plan change.

Super Bonus
🔥 Online Workout Sessions - 3 times in a week for 90 days. Recording will be available for 48 hours.
🔥 30-Day Weight Loss Challenge - access for 3 months after personalized program.

Additional Lifetime Bonuses
👉KarizmaticU Stars Community Membership
👉Transition Meal plan after culmination of 90 days personalized nutrition program
👉Lifestyle Management Guidelines
👉Healthy Mind Blueprint
👉Treasures for Life
👉How to Install a Habit
👉Control Emotional Eating
👉Elevate Your Personality Blueprint
👉Communication Blueprint
👉Decode the Relationship Blueprint
👉Self Esteem Blueprint
👉Style Your Body-Shape Blueprint

Additional Bonuses to Increase Your Personal Power - Lifetime Access
⚡Personal Power Formula
⚡How to Create a Lasting Impression
⚡Style Your Shape, Shape Your Style
⚡Attitude to Altitude
⚡Confidence Booster Challenge
⚡How to Overcome Fears and Doubts