Past Life Regression Profiling

₹ 1,500

Have you ever visited a place and wondered why it feels so familiar? Have you ever come across a situation that you feel you have experienced before? Do you have unexplained phobias or are you plain curious about the purpose of your life? Well answers to all these questions and much more can be found out by guided contemplation, popularly known as Past Life Regression Therapy. Past Life Regression Therapy helps one find reasons behind such feelings and thereby helps finding solutions to problems that are a result of such feelings.

It is believed that we all have lived many lives in different bodies, in different era, at different places. And all these births, with all sorts of experiences leave us with different kinds of beliefs, doubts, passions and regrets which we carry with us at the soul level. Once we approach the following birth, we tend to live our life based on these experiences as we once again try and finish off the tasks that were left unfinished. But the way we feel about the experiences or the way we want to resolve things, particularly in this life may not offer peace of mind. That’s where past life regression enters. It is a therapeutic technique that helps in accessing and re-experiencing one’s past lives directly. And not just retrieving memories, it also helps in healing the soul by healing the past.