Theta Healing

₹ 1,500

Theta Healing is a very powerful form of energy healing that resolves a wide range of physical, emotional, relationship, financial and other issues. It is a healing technique that works at the energetic, atomic level of our existence. It is like using the Theta Brainwave to reach a level of consciousness that allows one to change his/her emotional, mental, spiritual or physical reality, almost instantly.

According to the laws of physics, everything in the universe is made up of energy particles that vibrate at their own unique frequency. This also includes our energy field – our body and the air around. Even our thoughts and emotions have their own frequency. So if we are struggling or facing difficulties of any sort, it is best to realign and rebalance the energy fields around to create harmony, peace and an overall sense of well-being. And all this can be done with the help of Theta Healing – a unique and powerful form of healing that enhances health, spreads joy and ease in our life.