Brief Answer to The Big Questions

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How did the universe come into existence? Who created the universe? How did it all begin? What is the origin of time, space and everything? Is time travel possible? Can we predict the future? Is there a parallel universe? Should we colonize space? Will we survive on earth? These are some of the questions this book covers.
'Brief Answers To The Big Questions' is a book on basic, important and yet extremely profound questions about origin of the universe, time, space and other ideas of science, from the perspective of a Maha Siddha from Himalaya. It is an insightful book on questions that still remains unsolved by science.
This book is written in the format of traditional āgama & nigama. This book contains records of conversation between Maha Siddha Ishaputra- who is the head of the most ancient seat of knoweldge of Himalaya, and his consort Mā Padma Priya. It is a compilation of series of conversation between them based on a book titled 'Brief Answers To The Big Questions' by the late renowned scientist Stephen Hawking. The conversations happened between them during their tour to Switzerland in November 2019.
After reading this book, you will understand the deepest mysteries of the universe. You will know about the wisdom of the ancient Siddhas on topics that are part of latest research in science & technology, many still remains unsolved by the modern science.