Diksha Vidhanam (empowerment) System of Kaulantak Peeth

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This is an introduction to the various ways 'Deeksha' is given in 'Kaulantak' Peeth. 'Deeksha' is a vast concept in the 'Peeth'. Different 'sadhana' needs different style of 'deeksha'. For the first time, the most secretive 'Peeth of Himalaya' has provided detailed description of diverse 'Deeksha'.

This book is written in the format of traditional 'agāma & nigama', as a conversation between 'Maha Siddha Ishaputra' & his consort. It highlights the non-conventional ways 'Kaulantak Peeth' gives 'Diksha' and what all other events and rituals transpire during the 'Deeksha' period.

After reading this book, one will gain a broad understanding on nature of 'Deeksha' in 'Peeth', their names, significance and usage. One will also hain basic knowledge on various rituals and yoga sequences that are followed in almost all 'Deeksha' in 'Kaulantak Peeth'.