Investor Ready Programme

₹ 37,760

This Investor Ready Programme will help you not only to create your pitch deck but fix holes in your business model and prepare you with likely questions, techniques and skills so that you can pitch confidently to investors.

Registration Fees : ₹ 32000 + 18% GST = ₹ 37760

The details of the programme are as follows:
1) 6 one on one mentorship sessions with Mr. Avelo Roy over a 60 day period.
2) Each session will be 1 hr long. Session can be extended by 15 mins at no extra cost, if Mr. Roy deems it necessary.
3) Mentorship sessions can be either over the phone or over a convenient video conference platform.
4) There will be tasks designated to you after each session which would be expected to be finished before next session can be scheduled.
5) Any help necessary to complete the tasks can be asked over WhatsApp. Response time can be a few mins to 48 hrs. A 10 min call can also be arranged if the need is dire.
6) You can reach out to 9073533350 via phone or WhatsApp for convenient scheduling of your mentorship session in advance.
7) The registration fees of this Program is Rs. 32000 (+GST) which includes 6 sessions over 60 days and introduction to 3 potential investors depending on the stage of your startup, industry where you are operating and your readiness for pitching to investors.
8) Expected outcome in 60 days are as follows:
(a) Complete Business Plan
(b) Complete pitch deck
(c) 1 page executive summary
(d) Use of funds document
(e) Ability to pitch effectively and answer commonly asked investor questions
9) In case you are not able to reach the above outcomes in 60 days, extra 3 sessions over a 30 day period can be booked at ₹25,000.
10) Legal, marketing, sales and accounting support can be availed at steeply discounted prices during and beyond the duration of the program. Discounted pass for the workshops can be availed during the duration of the programme.

Please note that chances of investment is dependent on the ability of the entrepreneur and the willingness of the investor. Kolkata Ventures in no way provides an assurance regarding the receipt of investment from the investor.