1-1 Consultation Call with Mubaid Syed - 60 Minutes

₹ 4,999

60 minutes 1-1 Consultation/Coaching call with Mubaid Syed.

Need more details about the consultation call?
Email at - hello@<mubaidsyed@gmail.com>

During the call, you can seek coaching about any specific problem you're facing like -

Time Management
Setting Up Your Daily Calendar
Getting Clarity on Your Vision, Goals or Tactics
Anything Specific You Feel Stuck In Your Business

Once the payment is made, you will receive a link to schedule a call along with a questionnaire about the problem you need guidance with. Once you fill it up, we will jump on a call and talk about how to get out of that problem and build a huge momentum.

If I feel I cannot help you with a particular topic, you will receive a 100% refund back.

If any questions, email at - <hello@mubaidsyed.com>