makkarIELTS GT Readings For Exam Practice - Paperback Edition 22

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At our three IELTS Centres, we have coached more than thousands of students for more than a decade now. What comes to the fore again and again, not only from our students in India and overseas, but also from our bookseller partners, is the paucity of practice material on the General Training IELTS Reading Test. This book has been written to meet that demand.

The twenty practice reading tests in the book follow the IELTS pattern, and the type of questions cover the gamut of the different styles normally found in the IELTS tests. The passages cover a wide variety of subjects, and diverse writing styles, so as to give students an exposure to the myriad intricacies of the English language. As this book was being developed, students at our centres have been trying them out, and the feedback has been extremely encouraging. In a sense, this book has been already been assessed for correctness and as being of an appropriate level for the average student; one can say the book has been test-marketed successfully!

The types of questions that are normally asked are explained in the Introduction, along with detailed examples of each type, so that the student can understand them well before attempting the practice tests.

We sincerely hope that this book will fill the void and meet a long-standing demand from IELTS aspirants.