A COMPLETE GUIDE TO BECOME AN ONLINE ENTREPRENEUR by Winner Pandey - How To Earn Money Online With Low Or Without Investment?

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How To Earn Money Online With Low Or Without Investment?

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This is a complete step by step guide (or course) to become an online entrepreneur & to earn money online.

The writer has given helpful, tried and tested strategies to those who want to earn money online with low investment or without investment.

If you are tired of doing your monotonous job or you are tired of finding a new job, this book is for you.
This book is dedicated to all those people who are young at heart and do not want to live a life of slavery.

This book is only for those who love their freedom and would like to live life in their own terms.

If you really want to make an impact in the society and do something meaningful, then you should start to think like an entrepreneur.

Nowadays, unemployment is a major challenge in almost every country of the world.
Even big economies like USA and UK are facing this major challenge and big companies are forcing their employees to quit.

Most of the people are looking for jobs but there are no jobs in the market.
The solution of this problem is not only job creation but to encourage youths to become independent entrepreneurs.

Table Of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction

•Demand and Supply

Chapter 2: How To Start Your Own Online Business?

A. Research

1. Identify your niche

Some business ideas

2. Keyword research

3. Body & Long tail keywords

4. Determine Search volume (Google Keywords Planner)

5. Sort the list into categories – Direct/Indirect

6. Determine commercial keywords

7. Competition Analysis

8. Final keywords to target

B. Product Development

1. Minimum Viable product (MVP)

2. Web presence

3. Content writing

4. SWOT Analysis

C. Marketing

1. SEO – Search Engine Optimisation (On page SEO & Off page SEO - Backlinks)

2. Content marketing

3. SEM – Search Engine (paid) Marketing

4. SMM- Social Media Marketing (Facebook marketing etc.)

5. Email marketing

D. Sales & Service

1. Sales

2. Service

3. Regular analysis

4. Establish repeatable systems

Chapter 3: How To Earn Money Online With Google?

1. How To Earn Money Online With Google Blogger?

2. How To Earn Money Online With Google Adsense?

3. How To Earn Money Online With Youtube?

Chapter 4: How To Earn Money With Affiliate Marketing?

Chapter 5: Mindset Reprogramming For Success

1.Positive attitude



4.Feel it now


6.Sharing is the key

A message from the author

About the Author

Winner Pandey is a Social Entrepreneur and an author who loves to write about digital marketing, entrepreneurship, law of attraction, social causes and spirituality.

He is also the writer of "Either You Are God or You Do Not exist."

He is the founder of UltimateAim.in, MightyHimalayas.com and mhetclub.com