Who am I ? Either You Are God Or You Don't Exist - Ebook by Winner Pandey

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Who am I ? Either You Are God Or You Don't Exist

This is a powerful meditation book (also available in Amazon / Kindle - 2nd Edition Updated Version with an additional mediation technique for seekers & atheists) which answers many spiritual questions and allows us to see the world in an altogether a different and fresh perspective.

This book (Either you are God or you don't exist) starts with the basic questions like: Who is God?Who am I? etc. and then takes you to a new journey which makes you feel the basic nature of the entire creation and consciousness.

Here is a small book excerpt:

“I have heard people saying that God stays in heaven. Some say God is everywhere. Don’t you think these two statements are contradictory?
If God stays in heaven, then is it like that he created the universe and left us alone to survive? Or is he with us all the time? Then how can he stay in heaven as well as with us at the same time?
Is he just a creator and observer? Or does he actively take part in day to day operations too?
These are often the questions that bother us. In fact these questions had bothered our ancestors too, and everyone created their own version to answer these questions.
The biggest question which I have ever encountered is:

Is everything happening as per God’s plan or are we free to do whatever we want (fate vs. karma)? Why Universe was created in the first place? What is ultimate aim of life?

Let’s start with the questions:

Who is God? Or What is God? Where is God? Who Am I? What is self realisation? How to achieve spiritual enlightenment through meditation? And What is Ultimate Aim of Life?

Author – Winner Pandey (a meditator from Himalayas, who does not exist)