Maker's Asylum

Mumbai & New Delhi, India

Maker's Asylum is a community Maker Space where creative individuals contribute to an ever-growing pool of talent and skills. Our array of 3D printers and prototyping tools, give you the opportunity to collaborate and learn from each other.
  • 3D Printing Workshop
  • Woodworking Workshop
  • CAD Modelling Workshop
  • Power Tools Workshop
  • Rapid Prototyping Course
  • Electronics and Arduino Workshop
  • CAD Fusion 360
  • 3D Printing Workshop
  • Laser Cutting for beginners
  • Woodworking Workshop
  • Power Tools for Beginners
  • Rapid Prototyping Course
  • Junior Maker Program
  • Up-cycling E-waste Art Workshop
  • Jewellery Making With Terracotta Clay
  • Soldering Workshop for Beginners!
  • Could Chuck Wood - Woodworking for beginners
  • Power Tools Workshop DL:Feb
  • Electronics and Arduino Workshop Mar:DL
  • Power Tools for beginners Jan:DL
  • IoT Workshop for beginners Feb:DL
  • 3D Printing for beginners Jan:DL
  • 3D Modelling for beginners Jan:DL
  • Rapid Prototyping Course Jan:DL
  • Could Chuck Wood - Woodworking for beginners!
  • String Art Workshop Jan:DL
  • PVC Pipe Lamp Making Workshop Jan:DL
  • PVC Pipe Lamp Making Workshop Jan:DL
  • AI Training Workshop Jan:Mum
  • Electronics and Ardunio Dec:DL
  • DIY Air Purifier with Smart Air Dec:DL
  • PVC Pipe Art - Build your own pipe lamp-Dec-Mum
  • 3D Printing for beginners Feb:DL
  • Laser Cutting for beginners Dec:Mum
  • Drone Making - Build & Fly your Drone
  • IoT workshop
  • Laser Cutting for beginners Feb:DL
  • Power Tools training for beginners Dec:DL
  • 3D Printing for beginners Dec:DL
  • CAD Modelling for beginners Dec:DL
  • Laser Cut Jewellery making Workshop Dec:DL
  • Woodworking Workshop for Beginners Dec:DL
  • Thermocol Sculpturing workshop Dec:DL
  • Rapid Prototyping Course Dec:DL
  • Arc Welding for beginners Nov:DL
  • Electronics and Arduino Nov:DL
  • Power Tools Workshop Nov:DL
  • Laser Cutting for beginners Nov:DL
  • Woodworking workshop for beginners - November
  • 3D Printing Workshop Nov:DL