Digital Fabrication Certificate Course

₹ 11,500

Make your ideas stand-out with modern digital tools. Learn and master your designing skill set and build prototypes using 3D modelling softwares, Laser cutting machine and a 3D printer. Digital Fabrication is a standard set of tools used by industrial designers, architects, DIYers to quickly test their ideas and communicate their designs with the world.

What you'll learn?
How to 3D model anything using a software
How to 3D scan an object and recreate it in a software
How to operate the 3D printing machine
How to operate the laser cutting machine

Course fee: INR 11,500

Course fee covers:
1. Materials and tools required to build prototypes
2. Access to the Digital Fabrication Lab
3. Program facilitation

Laptop and mouse
Age: 13+

Terms and Conditions:
1. Seats subject to availability
2. Cancellation charges apply