Electronics Certificate Course

  • Start Date: Aug. 24, 2019, 11 a.m.
  • End Date: Oct. 13, 2019, 5 p.m.
  • Venue: Maker's Asylum

The future of learning is evolving as we speak and we at Maker's Asylum believe that we should be able to provide each and every person with a purposeful learning experience through our courses. We have designed this three-layer module for each of our labs for you to upgrade, update yourself!

What are these levels?
101: You understand the basics & get hands on experience to deal with tools in the respective courses

102: An advanced course giving you the ability to ideate and implement!

103: Hey, You are now a Maker! You can create, ideate and innovate newer models in your respective course leading to a certificate from Makers Asylum!

Explore robotics, wearables, and PCB design with our course in electronics. We make robotic arms, design our own Arduino boards, and make a glove that acts like a drum-set! The certificate course is spread across three levels of varying complexity. Each level is designed to equip its participants with skills that they can use to build projects independently.

You'll learn:
. History and theory of electronics
. Components and Circuits
. Active and Passive Components
. Series connection
. Parallel Connection
. Short circuit
. Open and Closed Circuit
. Polarity
. Introduction to Actuators or Motors
. Hands-on with Arduino
. Exploring the pin configuration
. Writing program with arduino for controlling LED and Motors
. Controlling the Robotic arm using Arduino
. Using Python With Arduino
. Installing Libraries in Python
. Establishing a communication between arduino and Python
. RPi
. Difference between Arduino and Rpi
. Pin Configuration
. Working on Linux environment
. PCB designing
. What and why to use PCB
. Various methods of making PCB
. Various Softwares for Designing PCB Layout
. Drilling
. Soldering Components on PCB

Course fee: The course fee for each level is INR 7950
Electronics 101: INR 7950
Electronics 102: INR 7950
Electronics 103: INR 7950

The course fee for Electronics Certificate Course (101 + 102 + 103): INR 19950

The program fee is exclusive of 18% GST

Electronics 101 Batch 1: 24-25-31 August - 1 September
Electronics 101 Batch 2: 7-8-14-15 September

Electronics 102: 21-22-28-29 September

Electronics 103: 5-6-12-13 October