Metalwork Certification Course

₹ 11,500

Step out of your comfort zone and explore the challenging medium of metal. Create bespoke art or turn an old piece of junk into installation art. In this hands-on course we will cover different types of welding techniques as well as understand the theory behind welding.

What you learn:
Metalwork 101
Project: Cactus inspired pen stand
Days 2

Metalwork 102
Project: Endless knot sculpture
Days 2

Metalwork 103
Project: DIY Sculpture
Days 2

Course fee
NR 11500

Course fee covers:
1. Materials and tools required to build prototypes
2. Access to the Digital Fabrication Lab
3. Program facilitation

Laptop and mouse
Age: 13+

Terms and Conditions:
1. Seats subject to availability
2. Cancellation charges apply