Get a mentor


I realise people can't be defined by tags or found through filters and hence, my approach is highly personalised based on your story. So, I have deep conversations with you. I do my homework (read, I stalk the living hell out of you). Based on my incredible ability to understand people and using my hunch about you, I develop a customised mentoring program to handhold you in discovering your "marriage materialness" to flaunting that in front of your potential life partner.

Over 5 face-to-face (Skype video) sessions each lasting 30-min, I help address different aspects of your matrimonial search from building your checklist (or tearing it down if you already have one!) to assessing how your dates went, helping you decide who to marry. If you'd rather spend more time being married to the love of your life than looking for one, give me a shout-out right away.