Complete Hand Mudras Second Edition

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Thank you very much for making my first book "complete hand mudras" a great success. Now on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of my blog I come up with the second edition of the book complete hand mudras. Why the second edition. I had a journeyed a lot in mudra research and find 35 new mudras and many other specialities of the mudra practice. To add these new developments I come up with the second edition.

The Biggest Resource For Hand Mudras With More than 115 Mudras.

Why the second edition is so special?

35 new mudras are added.
Completely designed by professionals.
New subjects like Mudra and Colour meditation.
Mudras for Chakras.
Mudras for worships
Mudras in Kathakali.
Mudras in pranic healing.
Now the "Complete Hand mudras" Is the biggest resource for mudras with more than 115 mudras.