Book - Endemic Woody Plants of the Western Ghats

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A large number of woody plants that are found in the Western Ghats are endemic i.e. they are found exclusively in the evergreen forests of this mountain chain. We know little about how they look, their distribution, abundance and the threats that they face. This book by Navendu Page addresses some of these shortfalls. It is an outcome of more than 10 years of field work carried out across the Western Ghats to document these poorly known species. This book serves as a reference guide that pictorially showcases vegetative and reproductive stages of 100 species of endemic woody plants. The photographs along with a short description together highlight the diagnostic morphological features which can be used to identify these species. Additionally, geographic distribution maps, elevational ranges and most importantly their current conservation status base on the IUCN criteria has also been provided, which for many species has been assessed for the very first time.

Supporting rainforest conservation in India

This book is the outcome of a project funded by the Rufford Foundation. The publication of this book has been partly supported by NCF, and proceeds from its sales will go towards production of more materials as part of NCF's Rainforest Restoration Project in the Anamalai hills.