Early Bird Gift Pack

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    Looking for a gift for a nature educator or parent of a child interested in birds? Try the Early Bird kit.

    EARLY BIRD GIFT PACK - set of English flashcards, 40-piece jigsaw puzzle and a bird survivor game

    This gift pack contains Early Bird products which aims to get children interested in and excited about birds and nature.


    Designed as an educational game, a set of 40 flashcards on 40 common birds of India features photographs on one side and information on the other, with icons for habitat and food, and a quiz section as well. The set comes in an attractive box and instructions for games are included (more games can be downloaded here and do check out these instructional videos as well). The cards are laminated and sturdy, ideal for use by children, inside a classroom or in the field.


    A box of 40-piece jigsaw puzzle (size: A3) on the migratory birds of India. The pieces in the puzzle are sturdy and ideal for use by children.


    Ideal for a group of kids in an outdoor environment, this game offers a glimpse into bird life cycles, and the threats that birds face.

    Supporting conservation outreach in India

    Your purchase supports our educational initiatives focused on children. For more information and for free downloads, please visit Early Bird and also check out our flashcards, pocket guides and posters
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