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    As the beginner birdwatcher learns to identify more birds, there is often a need for a simple pocket guide that lists the common species of the region in a portable format that can be easily carried in the field. This is especially needed for children who may be confused by the comprehensive and often bulky field guides.

    We have produced a range of pocket guides for different regions to fill this need. The pocket guides fold into a size of 3.5" x 8.5" and are laminated for protection. Illustrations are shown for around 135-140 species in each, with winter migrants and selected other features (eg. Western Ghats or endemic species) marked separately. There are 10 panels with bird illustrations (12 in the Northeastern India, Uttarakhand, Western Ghats and Chhattisgarh versions), and for ease of reference, the featured species have been divided into 5-6 categories based on habitat (eg. Wetland Birds) and behaviour (eg. Ground-feeding Birds).

    Versions currently available include English language pocket guides (Peninsular India, Northeastern India, Spiti/Ladakh, Andaman&Nicobar Islands and Western Ghats) as well as bilingual pocket guides in Kannada, Malayalam, Odia, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Konkani or Hindi as appropriate (Birds of Karnataka, Birds of Kerala, Birds of Odisha, Birds of Tamil Nadu, Birds of Andhra Pradesh, Birds of Maharashtra, Birds of Goa, Birds of Madhya Pradesh, Birds of Uttarakhand, Birds of Rajasthan and Birds of Chhattisgarh).

    Please note: The first language mentioned alongside the pocket guide name (when you select "options") is the language used for all the text. Only the names of birds are given in the first and second languages. Eg. Tamil Nadu (Tamil/English) will have all the text in Tamil and species names in Tamil and English, while Madhya Pradesh (English/Hindi) will have all the text in English and bird names in English and Hindi.

    The illustrations in all versions have been used with permission from "Birds of the Indian Subcontinent" by Richard Grimmett, Carol Inskipp and Tim Inskipp.

    Supporting conservation outreach in India

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    Funds from the Western Ghats pocket guide benefit the rainforest restoration programme in Valparai.