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A series of 5 posters on common birds in different habitats - zipped file with pdf versions

Birds are all around us, no matter where we live. Apart from being beautiful and fascinating, they are important as pollinators, seed dispersers and pest controllers. This poster depicts some birds that are commonly seen in most parts of India, and is the first of a series of 5 posters that we are working on!

Wetlands (rivers, lakes, mangroves, beaches and marshes) are important breeding and feeding habitats for birds. Herons, cormorants and egrets are some of our resident species while millions of long distance migratory birds (mainly ducks and wading birds) flock to our wetlands in winter. Visit a wetland near your home to see some of these beautiful birds.

Woodlands and scrublands with a mix of tall and short vegetation support a variety of birds - from tiny prinias to large birds of prey. Insects flourish in these habitats, attracting a lot of insect-eating birds like robins, flycatchers and woodpeckers, while fruiting trees and shrubs support birds such as barbets and bulbuls which help disperse seeds. Find a wooded area in the outskirts of your city and try to spot these birds!

Farmlands and Grasslands are important for many birds -- for example ground birds like quails and pipits, and birds of prey like harriers and vultures. Seed-eating birds like munias and weavers find their food in these habitats, and so do insect-eaters like bushchats and rollers. If you see a patch of wilderness with no trees, don't dismiss it as wasteland! Go and take a look, and you may find some of the common birds shown in this poster.

Do you know that not all birds live in wild areas? Some live close to people, depend on us for food, and make their nests in our buildings and gardens. Pigeons are familiar birds for apartment dwellers, while sparrows are common in towns and villages. If there is a garden nearby, you may be able to see tailorbirds, sunbirds and koels. Even some owls, like the Barn Owl, prefer to live close to us. In this poster, learn about the fascinating birds that live in and around our homes.

The poster size here is A3 (11×17 inches) which can be easily printed on a home printer, while the A1 size print quality pdf is here. You can buy the print versions of the original posters in A1 size here.

These posters are also available in Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Telugu, Tamil and Kannada

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