Handbook for Bird Educators

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    Release Date: Oct 3rd, 2021


    Authors: Garima Bhatia, Abhisheka Krishnagopal and Suhel Quader

    Design and illustrations
    Aditi Elassery and Saumitra Deshmukh

    Published by: Nature Conservation Foundation, 2021

    Children have an innate curiosity and wonder about the natural world, which often gets lost while growing up. How can we nurture and develop this curiosity to build a deep and lifelong connection with nature? We at Early Bird believe that birds provide the answer, and are a wonderful starting point starting point for introducing the marvels of nature to children, since they are beautiful, accessible and interesting.

    This 142-page 'Handbook for Bird Educators' is a guide to inspire and equip educators - teachers, parents, birders, non-birders - with the information, tools and ideas to engage children about the wonder of birds. The handbook is loaded with information about birds, and practical and detailed instructions on conducting bird walks, talking to children about birds, and designing fun activities that are game-based and art-based, while promoting learning.

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    Read the flipbook or download the pdf on the Early Bird website.

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