Book - Nono the Snow Leopard

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    Enter the world of Nono, the snow leopard, the phantom of the snows. This engaging novella, told through the eyes of high-altitude wildlife biologists and illustrated by an avid wildlife artist, is an uncompromising tale for children. The natural history of the snow leopard and the environment in which Nono roams is revealed gradually, as the researchers, through a process of careful, and often tedious field-work, unearth new facets of this magnificent animal, and struggle with the moral complexities of conserving wild species in a human-dominated world. By the end of the novella, Nono is no longer a phantom, but a living, breathing character, who comes to represent everything worth preserving in the last places of true wilderness.

    Although the book is aimed at children of 11 years and older, it will appeal equally to adults. We are using the book in local schools as a learning tool to spread awareness about the snow leopard. We hope that Nono will fascinate, move and spur our readers to action – should this happen, the book’s purpose will have been served.

    English and Hindi versions of the book are available.

    Helping to conserve snow leopard habitat in India

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