Great Hornbill frame

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₹ 1,500

Hornbills are well known for their role in seed dispersal , survival of many rare tree species and thus biodiversity conservation. However, indiscriminate logging of forests has threatened the very existence of these important birds. AERF established a certified supply chain for sustainable collection of Beheda (Terminalia bellirica) fruits in the Western Ghats which has helped create a value proposition for key stakeholders - business and local communities. In turn that has resulted in sustainable income for locals and conservation of 700 large trees and habitats of Great hornbills and Malabar pied hornbills. Thus, the Great hornbill has now also become a flagship for sustainable business along with conservation. Here is a wooden carving of this graceful bird made out of the native wood Gmelina arborea which is traditionally used for wood-carving, thus symbolising both - the importance of the species as well as nurturing local craftsmanship and enterprise.
We invite you to help us in our effort to promote green entrepreneurship at a local level for conservation by buying this stunning artefact with an amazing purpose behind it…