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Viva's i-coffee is a herbal drink but a coffee and it tastes delicious. The main ingredients of this coffee are Salacia Reticulata, Methi, White bean coffee, Coorg (Coorg is a place in Karnataka, India) region coffee (One of the world’s best coffee) and some other important herbs. Salacia Reticulata one of the important herbs, regulates your blood sugar level. It can be taken by both Non diabetic and Diabetic person. In case of non-diabetic person, it will prevent you from becoming a diabetic person and in case of diabetic person, it will help you to lower your blood sugar level. This too has anti-oxidant elements in order to boost your immune level.

  1. Viva’s i-coffee supports healthy blood sugar level.
  2. Viva’s i-coffee can improve energy levels.
  3. A natural substance in i-coffee helps in fat burning.
  4. Viva’s i-coffee can drastically improve physical performance.
  5. Viva’s i-coffee keeps your brain healthier for longer time.
  6. Viva’s i-coffee appears to have protective effects on the liver.

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