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Following Topics are covered in C Programming and Data Structures Handwritten Color Notes: -

(1)  C-Programming Introduction
(2) C-Program
(3) Data Types
(4) Operators
(5) Decision Making
(6) Loops
(7) Function
(8) Recursion
(9) Arrays
(10) Pointers
(11) Strings
(12) Structure
(13) Unions
(14) File Handling
(15) ENUM
(16) Errors
(17) Storage Classes
(18) Preprocessor Directive

(1) Data Structure Introduction
(2) Data Structure Algorithm
(3) Asymptotic Analysis
(4) Arrays
(5) Linked List
(6) Stack
(7) Queue
(8) Tree
(9) Heap
(10) Hash Table
(11) Graph
(12) Sparse Matrix
(13) Tower of Hanoi

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