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Following Topics are covered in Reinforced Cement Concrete (RCC) Handwritten Color Notes: -

⤇ Basic Concept (Introduction, Classification  and manufacturing of concrete, Concrete mix, Hardened concrete ,Physical strength Properties of concrete, Testing  of  Hardened concrete Concrete mix design and Problems and RCC)
⤇ Limit State Method (Limit  state, Partial safety factors, Stress strain curve, Assumption Of  LS, Stress Bloc Parameter, Problems)
⤇ Design of Rectangular Section (Singly reinforced and Doubly reinforced)
⤇ Flanged Section (Types, Effective Flange width, Analysis, Problems, Design steps and Problems)
⤇ Working Stress Method (Definition, Assumptions, Axial Load, Modular ratio, Singly Reinforced  beam ,Doubly Reinforced Section, design Steps  and  Problems, Analysis of  T-Beam)
⤇ Design of Beam (Effective Span, Arrangement of  Loading ,Shrinkage, Deflection, Simply Supported Beam)
⤇ Limit State of  Shear (Shear Stress variation , Types of shear and modes of failure, ,Design shear and Shear Reinforcement, Design steps and Problems, Minimum shear and deflection)
⤇ Bond and Anchorage (Types of bond stress, Development Length, Bond Failure mechanism, Splicing, Curtailment Positive and Negative Reinforcement)
⤇ Torsion (Equivalent shear and Moment, Design steps and Problems)
⤇ Slab (classification, codal provisions, Deflection, Design steps and Problems on One-way and two way Slabs)
⤇ Compression Member (classification, Assumptions, Effective Length, codal provisions, Eccentricity, Short column, Design of column and problems  and long column)
⤇ Foundation (Types of  Foundation codal provisions, Design of Isolated Footing and problems and combined Footing)
⤇ Retaining Wall (Types of  Retaining Wall, earth pressure Theories, Assumptions of Rankine’s Theory, Types of Earth Pressure, Stability of Retaining wall, Design procedure and problem)
⤇ Water Tank (classification, codal provisions, analysis and design of Water Tank)
⤇ Pre-stressed concrete (Advantages and disadvantages of prestressing, Types of  prestressing, Assumptions  and analysis and  Problems Cracking load /moment )
Pre-stress losses (Losses in Pre-stress  and Problems, Deflection and Shear  in prestress beam, Cable Profile)
⤇ Staircase (Types of Staircase and problems)
⤇ Earthquake Design (Design and Time period)
⤇ Masonry Design (Important terms of Masonry, effective Length)

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