SELFIE of the Corporate World

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This book has been named as “S E L F I E”. Do you know why???????
Because Every person in India is studying to be a high class professional. Everybody wants to get his/her desired goals. Your Nikhil would say that If You want to be true professional person then first of all you have to create a level of professionalism in yourself. All the students are going
towards the scenario of “Selfie” .This word was entered in our Oxford dictionary in 2014. People love to get selfie to see their own look and to show your front image.
First of all, while studying or working we have to take care of our purpose that we want to lead in this corporate world and to be a leader or high class professional ,we have to understand the norms and trends of the corporate.
To achieve this, You must have your selfie not as a image only but you must have it as I have shown the meaning of selfie through my book. So, First get the qualities of a SELFIE person and then click your selfie. I am sure that I will provide wonderful outlook. Read this book to be a true professional “SELFIE Man/woman”.

Click one selfie after reading every page…because you are gonna see a Dramatic change in every selfie.