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    Noorali Organic has the proud privilege to house the world’s best quality Kashmiri saffron / Kashmiri Kesar online in its purest form, 100% certified, original Kesar. The expert team visits the lush Pampore fields for fresh stock, hygienically packs them at their warehouse, and delivers it worldwide. The top part of a saffron strand is called Mogra. It is flattened, dark red in color, and mainly finds its use in culinary preparation for the aroma, flavor, and color it imparts to cuisines that are bestowed with its magical addition. 100% Certified Kashmiri Kesar "Mogra" now available.
    Buy pure Kashmiri Kaser, Sourced directly from the fields of Pampore, treat yourself to the exotic, aromatic, and premium grade of saffron to enhance your culinary skill and add powerful colors, fragrance, and taste to your special delicacies. Special care is taken in ensuring that only the best grade of saffron reaches you and your loved ones.