Kashmiri Red Rajma Beans (500 Grams)

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    Kashmiri red kidney beans are strong-flavored, exotic and its organic taste makes it mouthwatering. The beans are rich in protein. They are some of the richest sources of plant protein, a nutrient that helps build muscle mass. And the fiber in the beans boosts digestive health and keeps serious ailments like colorectal cancer at bay. Kidney beans contain other essential nutrients like iron, copper, folate, and manganese, which maintain several vital bodily functions.

    The Top 8 Benefits Of Kidney Beans + Nutrition Facts

    1. Kidney Beans Aid Diabetes Treatment
    2. Protect The Heart
    3. Help Prevent Cancer
    4. Can Aid Weight Loss
    5. Kidney Beans Help Strengthen Bones
    6. Are Good For Babies
    7. Are Beneficial For Bodybuilding
    8. Could Be Important During Pregnancy

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