Spiritual Guidance & Channeled Psychic Forecast for 2019

₹ 9,800
How many times have you secretly wished for something like a 'LIFE MANUAL' which can tell you exactly What to do and What NOT TO DO so that you can make the BEST USE OF YOUR TIME?

Time is the only thing that doesn't wait for anyone, every other thing can be regained but NOT LOST TIME.

Rather than WASTING your time trying to figure out things all by yourself, What If I could Help you SAVE THAT TIME AND GIVE YOU EXACT THINGS TO DO FOR MAXIMIZING YOUR POTENTIAL & GOOD LUCK.

If you are like me you will surely think that How is it possible?

So here's the thing: All this is possible through the process of Channeling in which a person connects to a higher spiritual source and is able to see beyond the normal perception of space & time (past, present & future). I have naturally inherited these gifts from my ancestral lineage and hence I developed my psychic & intuitive abilities at a very young age.

I am blessed to be a clairvoyant & a channeling medium who has inherited the gift of spiritual communication with the other side that allows me to help people get accurate guidance directly from their spiritual team.

I am the 6th generational Psychic of my family tree. This gift allows me to See the Unseen world of energies & communicate with the higher dimensions (angels, masters, spirit guides, archangels etc).

Your spiritual team KNOWS EXACTLY everything that is Happening in your life RIGHT NOW and also WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN?

Think of yourself in a dark room (think: Life), if you do not know the layout of the room you will end up hurting yourself by bumping with some object (think: Problems of life) and will take sooooo much time trying to figure out a WAY OUT!!!

BUT If someone switches on the LIGHT (think: spiritual guidance) even for a fraction of second allowing you to see the bigger picture (think: layout of the room plus What is there & What Isn't) then Don't you think it will be far easier to navigate your way out of the room WITHOUT HURTING Yourself or others in the process???

This is exactly what this reading is all about. It tells you exactly what is in store for you and what isn't so that you can focus on your core strengths and polish your weakness and come out STRONG as a WINNER


I begin the reading by connecting to your guides and asking them what they expect you to know in the coming year 2019 along with some tips on how to maximize your GOOD LUCK.

1) Direct one-to-one message from your spiritual guides and What they really want you to know about your life in terms of your Soul strengths & weakness.
2) The main guidance in these 4 sectors of life: Health, Finances, Relationships & Growth.
3) Tips to maximize your Good timing & luck so that you can make the best use of your potential & the planetary influences.
4) Apart from this you can ask any 2 Questions about your life. Think of HIGHEST PRIORITY QUERIES as if you are asking for guidance directly from GOD (because your spiritual team works closely with god energies) so it won't be wrong to say this term!!!

I only have 15 SLOTS for this session at this REDUCED PRICE because I really want you to benefit for this opportunity. If you have taken the session with me earlier you would know that the normal consulting session with me costs anywhere between Rs.15000-18000 for a 45 mins slot BUT

As we enter the new year I would like to offer you a Special Price of 9800 (ONLY THIS READING & NOT ANY OF THE FUTURE CONSULTATION SESSIONS) that includes: A guided message, spiritual guidance in the 4 core areas of life with healing remedies & therapy plan if needed

Gift yourself the gift of SAVING TIME this new year and Learn how to maximize your GOOD LUCK and YOUR GOOD TIMING!

It is an online session. After you make the payment you are required to submit your recent full length solo picture along with 2 priority questions. Your reading will be done at my end and you will receive your report by the end of this month via the same email address you used to book the reading.