100 GB 3DS MAX Components for Inteiror Design & Exterior Elevation

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₹ 100

In this 100 GB of Zipped Content for 3ds Max, you'll find everything with HD Material like -
1. Interior Plants
2. Exterior Plants
3. Kitchen Components
4. Bed Designs
5. Tables Collections
6. Sofa Collections
7. Book Shelf Collections
8. Computer Accessories
9. Ceiling & Wall Fan Collections
10. Lights Collection for Both Interior & Exterior
Same like that you'll find everything which is related to home & commercial site design interior & exterior

The process to Get the 100GB Components -
1. Once your payment is done then you'll get a 73KB PDF File
2. In this pdf you'll links
3. copy those links & paste on the top URL separately
4. Download all the files & it will be in the zipped format

How to Extract the zipped files - (Install Winrar software from google ) Just 3 to 4mb software
2. Right click of your downloaded file & click on extract
3. select your folder location
4. Now all the files successfully extracted & you can use in 3ds max

Happy learning