Rahu-Ketu Transit Report for your Career

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If you think that your career is on a downward course and there is no growth in sight, choose our Rahu Ketu Transit Report for your Career. This report includes key details related to your kundali, ascendant and moon sign, among remedial measures offered to help you ease out your situation positively. Since Rahu Ketu both are malefic planets, their negative transit can deliver bad influence for your career. With our career report, you can ward off such negative influence cast by these malefic planets and enjoy perpetual growth, success and prosperity in your chosen professional field. Solution about a career is provided instantly by our expert astrologer.

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Your Report Will Contain:
• Astrological details of your Kundli
• Astrological analysis of your situation.
Impact on your career life
• How much favorable or unfavorable is a transit of Rahu in Cancer and Ketu in Capricorn.
• Whether this is to help in pushing ahead your prospects on the Career front.
Special observations
• Some notable developments are mentioned.
• Accurate remedial measures for your problems.
• Important Tips to make your situation easier for you