API Q2 - API Specification Q2 Quality Management System Full Documentation

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API Q2 is a Specification for Quality Management System requirements for Service Supply Organizations for the Petroleum and Natural Gas Industries;

We provide the whole package of API Q2 implementation standard documents with this purchase. These are standard documents and customer may add the specific
information and customize the documents as per their organization requirements.
We also provide necessary assistance for customizing the documents as per our Customer requirements.

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This Package only contains the implementation documents (API Q2 Specification is not included). This Package contains the following documents (Soft Copies),

1x Quality Manual
23 X QA Procedures

Personnel Competency and Training
Control of Documents
Control of Records
Contract Review
Risk Assessment and Management & Contingency Planning
Design & Development
Purchasing Control
Verification of Purchased Services & SRP
Execution of Service control
Identification & Traceability
Service –related product status
Customer Property
Preservation of Service-Related Product
Preventive Maintenance, Inspection and Test Program (PMITP)
Control of Testing, Measuring, Monitoring and Detection Equipment (TMMDE)
Service Performance Validation
Control of Nonconformities
Management of Change (MOC)
Customer Satisfaction
Internal Audit
Analysis of Data
Corrective Action & Preventive Action

QA Forms

Document Control Register Template
Template for Procedure
Template for Document Distribution Record
Template for Document Change Request
Template for Master List of Quality Records
Template for Competence Requirement Matrix
Template for Employee Performance Appraisal Form
Template for List of External Training agency
Template for Training Attendance Record
Template for Request for Information
Template for Customer Inquiry Form
Template for Risk Assessment Sheet (Risk Entry Form)
Template for Risk register
Template for Supplier Registration Form
Tempalte for Supplier Evaluation Form
Template for List of Approved Suppliers
Template for Purchase Requisition Form
Template for Purchase Order
Template for Purchase Order Register
Template for Service Quality Plan
Template for Contingency Plan
Template for Material Stock Register
Tempalte for Material Receiving and Inspection Report
Template for Request for Inspection
Template for Data Collection Report
Template for Customer Satisfaction Survey form
Tempalte for Non-Conformance report
Templaet for Corrective and Preventive Action Request Form
Template for Corrective and Preventive Action Request Log
Template for Non-Conformance Report Log
Template for Internal Audit Plan
Template for Internal Audit Observation Sheet
Template for Internal Audit Report
Template for Equipment Calibration Register
Template for Service Performance Validation Protocol
Template for Service Performance Validation Final Report
Template for Change Request Form
Template for Change Management Log

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