Queer Potli Memories, Imaginations and Re-imaginations of Urban Queer Spaces in India

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    The Indian queer scenario and its attendant movement for the right to be different and yet equal are made up of hundreds and thousands of behind-the-scene stories - a struggle for spaces that offer a boost for self-esteem, respect, security, and the potential to be radical.

    This anthology attempts to visual these spaces through the prisms of time, travel, areas of urban aspirations and anxieties, queer art spaces, and queerscapes of difference and resistance.

    In the end, each story of queer struggle is about efforts that have contributed to where we are today or where we will be tomorrow - as individuals, communities, and movements. The writings and creations in this anthology are just a few of these stories - like shells or pebbles on a seashore of a grand narrative. Have your pick!
    Table of Contents:
    Cityscapes: A Journey from Calcutta to Kolkata by Paramita Banerjee
    Those Silver Shorts by Ashish Sawhny
    Interview with Madhuja Nandi; Trans Woman and LGBT Activist: Queer Stories in (of) Barasat Local by Pawan Dhall
    Layers of the Urban by Bindumadhav Khire
    Place of Safe Landing by Sonali Gulati
    The Ideal Male Body: Bodybuilding, Fitness, and Urban Space by Michiel Baas
    Spaced Out by Rudra Kishore Mandal
    Durga by Rajib Chocroborty
    Not His Master’s Voice by Sachin Jain
    Undoing the Metronormative: Urban-Rural Exchange within LGBT Communities in Eastern India by Aniruddha Dutta
    On the Metro: Re-imagining Intimacies and Desires in India by Sayan Bhattacharya
    Far from a Miniscule Minority: The Online Worlds of Indian Queer Men by Pawan Singh
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