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Today the activities for preservation of our Heritage is happening in various districts of Bharat through our team who is working tirelessly towards the cause.

Our goal is to form district level Heritage squads which can lead the conservation, revival, renovation of Hindu Heritage temples in each district. We intend to form teams in all districts of Bharat by end of year 2018 and conclude the project by year 2024 after revival of all our Heritage back to its pristine glory.

As of now Heritage structures in Bharat are in their final stages of decay and it will be difficult for them to survive another decade. As such the movement needs to be simultaneously carried forward across Bharat and the need is to have as much participation from the community as possible.

We are looking for committed individuals to join us. We request you to fill the form by clicking on the GetIt button above. Also bring together interested persons in your locality who is interested in Heritage conservation. We will be informing you of activities in your state and district. For details please visit https://reclaimtemples.com/heritage-squads-in-districts-across-bharat/

You may also pledge a commitment of minimum Re.1 per day for one year towards the #ReclaimTemples project. This helps us budget and plan our activities in a better fashion and also cover costs of travel and communication.

You contributions will help us towards

  1. Renovation and Revival of Heritage temples in Bharat
  2. Assistance to various organisations and individuals working on Heritage conservation
  3. Fund research and publications on the true history of Bharat
  4. Awareness campaigns on the history of Bharat