Reflective Collars for Strays

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₹ 100

During our years in rescue we have come across many fatal accidents of street dogs. These dogs call the streets their home where they live their entire lives and scavenge for food which makes them susceptible to being hit by speeding cars, trucks and bikes. Many of these accidents happen in the night when the drives can't see the dogs on the streets and these accidents can be avoided by making sure all dogs around us and under our care wear a simple reflected collar. Each collar has a reflective strip which shines bright when light hits it which would make it easy for drivers to spot a dog on the streets at night.

Our current aim is to make 1000 dogs wear these reflective collars and we need your help in reaching that goal!

How can you help?
1. Sponsor one or more reflective collars (Rs. 100 each)
2. If you are taking care of dogs in and around your home/office and would like to keep them safe with these collars, send us a message and we will include your dogs in our 100 dogs.
3. Share, share, share with anyone and everyone who can help.