Sponsor Bella

Min ₹ 3,000

Abandoned by her family, Bella was left on the streets due to no fault of her own!

Our recent rescue came to us after we got a call about an abandoned pet dog roaming the streets with a skin infection. We named her Bella and came to us so she could be safe, off the streets and get treated for her skin infection.

Bella has been with us a couple of weeks and she's been the perfect girl and her initial test results have given her a clean bill of health. The treatment for her skin infection is already underway and we are hopeful she will have a shiny new coat soon enough!

Being an abandoned dog she can not go back on the streets and has been put up for adoption. We need your help in taking care of her until her forever family come by to take her home. This girl has already been through so much and is still such a sweet trusting young girl who will thrive in a home.

Please sponsor Bella and help our team give her the best care under she finds a forever home.