Sponsor Floppy

Min ₹ 500

We need to raise money for his food & stay, treatment and medical bills for one month to begin with which is a total of Rs. 9000.

His Story -
While on our feeding rounds our team was informed about a dog who has been hiding, not eating or moving for the past few days by a local in the area. Our team went over to have a look and met Floppy here who seem to be suffering from TVT (transmissible venereal tumor), which is a form of cancer that occurs in dogs in his case on his reproductive organ.

He was immediately brought back to our recovery center and the vet confirmed his condition and has advised to begin his three week chemotherapy sessions. Floppy has been with us a couple of days already and though he is a little bit scared we are hoping soon he can get comfortable at our center. We are hoping for a good recovery after his chemotherapy sessions and he will need to stay with us for a minimum of one month depending on his progress.