Support our Senior Dogs

Min ₹ 3,000

Rs. 3000 helps sponsor one senior dog for an entire month!
With the help of your donation they get to live their golden years at the comfort of our rescue centre where our team will make sure all their needs are taken care off and they are happy!

Dogs on the streets can usually look after themselves when they are young and healthy. However once they age it becomes very difficult for them to take care of themselves due to different aliments that comes with age such as arthritis. 

Our senior care project takes care of those senior dogs that are unable to fend for themselves and living on the streets becomes dangerous. Our team assess them on the spot and if we feel like we need to intervene then they are brought to our centre where they spend the remaining of their golden years. They are given all the medical assistance that they require and spend most of their days basking in the sun while our team looks over them.